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  • ADSee is the honest advertising network
    ADSee is different
    The honest advertisement network
    Let's stop multinational companies pursuing user profiling. Start sponsoring your product in a new, transparent manner.
    Reach more interested users with beautiful contextual ads
    You don't want to stalker your users with cookies. Honestly reach them with something they are interested in, instead.
    You are happy, they are happy. Everyone is happy.
    Tailored to perfection
    Create outstanding campaign in minutes
    Discover a new way to display your products
    Transparent pricing plans
    Understand what are you spending and how
    Plans Click* cost Impression cost
    #1 10 credits per click* (0,01 EUR**) 1 credit per impression (0,001 EUR**)
    #2 20 credits per click* (0,02 EUR**) Unlimited impressions (FREE)
    * Each click comes from an unique IP address
    ** 1 EUR = ~1.09 USD per 1000 credits
    (refer to actual currency exchange rate)
    It's just amazing, isn't it?